5 Tips to Improve Your Targeted Emails Strategy and Boost CTR


Jul 2022
Email Strategy

Sending thousands of emails that don’t tune in with your customers can sabotage your customer-brand relationship. Eventually, they’ll unsubscribe you, and this is where you lose the game. Your email should have a striking impression. It should speak to your potential subscribers. Therefore, instead of shooting emails with the wrong targets, try shooting with a perfect target email strategy that promises conversion rates.

Imagine buying a falafel but instead, you got a hot dog with a 5% discount. First of all, you didn’t need a hot dog, you wanted a falafel. Will you go to that food outlet again? No right because they didn’t listen to your needs. Similarly, sending out emails that don’t stress the consumers’ needs can make them feel neglected. 

They immediately know that they’re sucked up into the sales funnel. To avoid this mistake, you need to find a more personalized approach to emails. As these emails bring in higher click-through rates. And higher click-through rates expand profits for your company.

This post will provide information about the target email strategy to boost click-through rates to top the game of email marketing.

Why is email marketing so important?

Email marketing is important for your business growth because it brings legitimate success. About 90% of people worldwide own an email account, and the majority of them pay a visit to their inboxes. So, it is a platform with regular access. 

The three important reasons for marketing through email are:

  • Email marketing never gets old. This is a never-retiring marketing technique. Over 4 billion people own an email. And most of them have notifications on for their email messages. Therefore, you can find a way to enter their inbox and become their top-of-mind brand.
  • It sounds authentic. If you put together the right content for the right audience, your email will sound authentic. This helps in giving a solid image to your business, and in return you attract sales.  
  • The email speaks to one person while other marketing techniques speak to the crowd. Unlike social media or other advertisements, email is the way that welcomes you to the consumer’s doorstep. You get a direct link on a personal note. And you can get alone time with them to make a connection. If you send out target emails, you’re straightforwardly making your target realize that you’re what they need.
  • Better conversion rates: Emails attract more conversion rates than social media. Email marketing gives a return on investment at a 4400% rate. This number is enough to tell you the impact of a powerful email sitting in the inbox of your next potential buyer.

What are targeted emails?

Targeted emails are a more personal approach to marketing through emails that are customized for your recipients. These emails filter through information such as gender, age, interests, location, occupation, and so on. 

Targeted emails are crafted with the mindset of direct talk. This direct talk means that you create an email marketing master plan that speaks with your customer on a personal note. You address their concerns and offer solutions, as well as the much-desired discounts. This is only possible if you create a specific email for a specific customer. 

Don’t worry, you don’t need to follow the head-scratching process of writing individual emails. You can shoot hundreds of customer-specific emails for a group of similar interests.

Basics of targeted email marketing

Before starting with targeted email marketing, you need to follow some simple fundamental steps.

Dig deep

Know your customers as if they’re relatives. You need to dive in to get to know them on a personal level. For this, you can study demographics like gender, age, location, private details, purchase history, interests, and so on. All this knowledge is available in your email data. Scratch that data out to create a full-proof targeted email marketing campaign.

Define segments

Now, you’ve got an unrefined list in front of you. Segment it with your data. Choose the category with a solid grasp. For example, if you want to sell some beauty products in America, the best approach is to create a segment with a location. 

Craft a segment

Here you create a segment for the targeted audience. Put up content that talks to your customer. You provide them with a solution, service, discounts, or whatever the motive of your brand achievement is. The bottom line is that your email resonates with your customers.

Analyze and test

Keeping track of the insights from data is important. Know which segment gets more response and CTR and disown the segments that don’t work for you. Don’t keep shooting arrows in the air; set your target and keep checking on them.

5 tips to improve your email marketing strategy

email marketing tips

If your older methods of email marketing are not bringing any profits, discontinue them and 

adapt to new ones. Here are five tips for improvement in your marketing strategy for email. 

  • Create personalized marketing campaigns.
  •  Avoid words that spammers may use, such as ‘discount’, ‘60% off, and so on.
  • Set a perfect timing for sending emails. This avoids drowning your email under others.
  • Create an engaged email list. Filter through old and inactive emails and unsubscribe them. It will give you a clear vision of active subscribers.
  • Optimize email for mobiles. About 45 to 59% of people open their inboxes on mobile phones. Make your email campaign mobile-friendly.

Benefits of targeted email marketing

The benefits of targeted email marketing are manifold.

Relevancy: Sending customer-specific emails make people remember your brand as relevant to them. They think of you first whenever they need services relating to your brand.

Response: Consumer-crafted emails bring out the best responses. People click your CTAs and enter your websites more often through targeted emails.

Revenue: Most likely, with high CTAs, people are enticed to purchase through your website. This brings in revenue. Personalized emails are best for promoting events or special offers.

Bond: Through recipient-specific emails, you make a strong bond. This bond then creates trust and strengthens the customer-brand relations. Your subscribers become loyal to you, and without any request to promote, they talk about your brand with others.

Retention: As per the statistics, 50% more purchases come from old subscribers than new ones. People like to connect with brands and businesses that don’t treat them as anonymous. They like to stay with the brands that favour personalism and become permanent customers. 

What is a click-through rate?

The click-through rate or CTR, tells you the relevancy of your advertisement. It gives you the percent of impressions that ended up as clicks. 

CTRs are important for your marketing because they tell you how relevant and effective your ad campaign is. 

What are the benefits of increasing your click-through rate?

  • The major benefit of CTR is that a high CTR defines your quality score. It tells the search engine about the relevance of your keyword and PPC. 
  • Boosting your click-through rate can help your business reach its potential. More people will click the link to your website, which means more sales and profits.
  • Increasing CTR makes consumers notice your brand. This escalates your organic reach.
  • Your emails get noticed more often with effective click-through rates.

How do you calculate your click-through rate?

Calculating the click-through rate is simple. 

(Total Ad Clicks/Total Impressions) = Click-Through Rate

Your PPC campaign also presents a report on click-through rates. From there, you can know the efficiency of your CTRs and their conversions.

How can you increase your click-through rate using targeted emails?

Targeted emails can do wonders for increasing click-through rates. A whopping number of people click on the CTRs present in the personalized emails. Therefore, emails with a targeted strategy can boost your click-through rates and have more potential to convert.

The first strategy is to create content that is highly relevant to your customers. Make it sound like a suggestion coming from a friend rather than sounding like a car salesman. 

Next, make a CTA that is worth clicking for. If you solve a problem or offer your consumers what they’re looking for, your chances of click-through rates increase.


Email marketing is a great way to reach your target audience. However, if you want to maximize your results, you need to have a targeted email strategy. This article provides 5 tips to help you improve your email marketing strategy and boost your CTR.

Frequently asked questions

What is a good CTR score?

Analyzing a perfect CTR score doesn’t depend on one factor. It depends on many factors, such as industry, location of your PPC, keywords, and so on.

Is email marketing worth it?

Email marketing is one of the best strategies to promote your brand. Many top content marketers have rated email marketing as getting real results in boosting the sales and promotion of companies.